i don't even know what my blog is anymore

Jordan. 20. NY State.

I like marvel, nintendo, anime, music, tattoos, art, comics, bad jokes, literature, theater, social justice, feminism, and positivity. Feel free to chat me up :)

List ten facts about yourself, and then pass this along to ten of your favorite followers!

thanks for sending this to me! :)

1) i’m writing a book series
2) i play bass sort of
3) i’m a taurus
4) pierce the veil is my favorite band
5) i’m obsessed with marvel movies
6) my hair has been 10 different colors and styles in the past two years
7) i have a bad unbreakable habit of biting my nails
8) i generally take cool showers
9) fish are my favorite animals
10) i have more posters than wall space